Carver CX or Carver C7 Trucks... Which and Why?

Carver CX or Carver C7 Trucks... Which and Why?

Ok, lets get one thing straight - both the C7 and CX Carver trucks give an amazing feel and ride.. like no other truck and certainly they are the best (and original) surf skate truck.

Which one and Why - is a question we often get asked. 

In simple terms the C7 has a lot more adjustment, allowing you to really fine tune the ride like you want to. 

The only downside is its a heavier option (than the CX) and the sheer amount of customisation in how they 'feel' can be a little addictive!


Carver C7 Truck

The CX looks more like a 'normal' truck - only with a reverse kingpin on the front truck, but dont let that fool you!

The CX rides like nothing like a 'normal' truck, it flows and carves and lets you pump into turns like you would not believe.

The CX is lighter (as it has less parts) but offers less in the way of 'tuning' the ride. 


Carver CX Truck


So which ones and why...

Well I ride CX and Corum rides the C7 and we both think we are right!

The C7 dual-axis truck set is very fluid, like riding a single fin surfboard and replicating the lateral sway you feel as you pump for speed. 

The CX truck is a single -axis truck with a precision pivot pin which allows for very snappy turns, like riding a thruster surfboard, and replicating the quick response you feel as you pump for speed


Does that help?

We have Carver in stock and some demo boards - so if you need to come in and try for yourself... 


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