Collection: BellyBoards & Paipos

Bellyboards & Paipos are thin, narrow, light boards with simple outlines and bottom shapes. Riding a them is very different from riding a foam bodyboard, but it is no less fun.

Being even lower in the water than when on a bodyboard, you really 'feel' the flow of the wave. Lines are much smoother and trim oriented and the sense of speed is incredible. 

Suited to almost all types of surf (not so fun in pounding shore dump) super easy to ride and soooooo much fun. 

You can either stand in waist deep water and push into the waves, or if you use FLIPPERS you can kick out past the white water and catch clean waves as they break.

If you are unsure on what might suit you please let us know and if you are local we have some demo boards. 

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