Front foot traction pads / grip or... wax it!

Front foot traction pads / grip or... wax it!

Surfing goes in cycles. nothing is really new just re visited..

Well in the 80's foam traction pads / grip were 'New' - it was the first time that they were available from surf shops and boy did we soak them up!

Gorilla grip, TracTop and Astrodeck where the some of the most popular brands and offered 'Tail Pads' and 'Full Deck Kits' 

Full Deck Kits included a tail pad a  front pad and often traction to go between the two and some of the rails to grip when pushing up to your feet. 

Full deck kits offered:

Improved Grip - Traction pads provide a textured surface for the front foot, enhancing grip and stability on the board. 

Consistency - Unlike wax, which can melt, wear off, or become uneven over time, traction pads offer consistent grip throughout the surf session. This consistency can be particularly advantageous during long session and in varying water and weather temperatures.

Extra Protection - for the board's deck, reducing the risk of pressure dents caused by your foot impacting on the deck of your board.

Whilst you don't see many full deck kits around anymore, we do have a range of front pads that can be paired with other tails pads to give you the full deck kit look, feel and benefits. 


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