SHOP TIP - Choose the right surfboard leash

SHOP TIP - Choose the right surfboard leash

Choosing the right surfboard leash is important for both safety and performance in surfing. The length of the leash should generally match the length of your surfboard. For instance, a 6-foot surfboard should be paired with a 6-foot leash. This ensures that if you fall off, the board will stay at a safe distance from you, reducing the risk of injury while still being close enough to retrieve easily.

Shortboard surfers typically use leashes ranging from 5 to 7 feet. A shorter leash reduces drag and is more suitable for high-performance manoeuvres. 

Long boarders, who ride boards 9 feet or longer, usually opt for leashes 9 feet or longer. The added length accommodates the larger board size and the walking manoeuvres performed on the board.

In addition to length, other leash features to consider include thickness, cuff comfort, and swivel mechanisms.

The thickness of the leash, measured in mm impacts its strength and drag. Thicker leashes (around 7mm) are ideal for big waves and powerful conditions, providing more durability. Thinner leashes (around 5-6mm) are preferred in smaller waves for their reduced drag and enhanced agility.

The cuff, which secures the leash to your ankle, should be padded and comfortable, preventing irritation during long surf sessions. A double or triple wrap Velcro cuff offers secure fastening.

Swivels, typically made of stainless steel or brass, are crucial for preventing leash tangling. Dual swivels (one at the cuff and one at the rail saver) are highly recommended as they allow more freedom of movement and reduce the risk of entanglement.

So when selecting a surfboard leash, match the leash length to your board length, choose the appropriate thickness for wave conditions, and prioritise comfort and tangle prevention features to enhance your surfing experience.


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