Wetsuit Care Tips

Wetsuit Care Tips

Your wetsuit should give you many years of service, so long as you look after it!


Rinse the wetsuit in clean, cold water.

Dry your wetsuits out of direct sunlight

Hang your wetsuit on a wide wooden or plastic hanger, not a wire hanger. 


DO NOT....

Wash it in hot water

Leave it to dry it in the direct sun.

Store it in the boot of your car for an extended amount of time. Heat degrades the neoprene and glues, reducing the fabric's flexibility and durability.

Use of a washing machine, dryer, iron, bleach, or commercial dry cleaning.



Store in a location with good ventilation. Ideally hung or rolled and not folded.

Use a specialised wetsuit shampoo to get rid of any urine or damp odour from your wetsuit.

Patch up any rips, tears, or holes before they become a problem.

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